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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ezee Glam - Christian Louboutin Rouge Starlight comes at $675.00 USD

Just when you thought paying $50 for a bottle of Christian Louboutin’s nail polish was extravagant, think again. This time the master of surprises created something even more extraordinary to marvel...and wear...and empty your wallets, the holiday limited edition nail polish called Starlight.

The celebrity designer has transformed his iconic Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour into a rare exquisite jewel to become ultimate object of desire, that comes at a high price - $675.00 USD.

Just what makes it so expensive?
The limited-edition holiday hue comes in a bottle encrusted with 1,500 hand-applied Strass crystals that reflect the architecture of the glass bottle and extreme-height cap. Two leather stressed flowers borrowed from Fall/Winter 2014 shoe "Pensamoi” rest delicately as a decorative accent on the box cover. The glimmering Rouge Louboutin is preciously encased in a velvet soft black insert, sitting in a jewellery like carton box with a black lacquered finish, showcasing a red reveal. (Credits:

This extraordinary lacquer is filled with glitter specs making anyone’s fingertips shine gorgeously. The Rouge Louboutin Starlight Edition has a highly-pigmented rich formula, which makes it long-lasting and chip resistant.

Speaking of shoes, it should be noted that this nail polish is more expensive than several of Louboutin's actual shoes.

If you already started your holidays shopping list and the Rouge Louboutin Starlight is on that list, you should hurry. Due to the intricate handcrafting of this unique object, Rouge Louboutin Starlight will be available in a limited worldwide quantity of 1,000 pieces. You can still find it online or at selected Department stores (including Sephora).

Happy shopping.

Major dilemma - should I get CL shoes or Starlight)....

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