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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ezee Fit - #WOD - Just another Chest and Back Workout

New day... New workout.

Actually it's from last week, but I didn't have the time to post.
Glad at least I found time to workout :))) Ha ha. 

Besides, I'm out of inspiration, can't find good names for my workouts. If you have any ideas feel free to suggest. 

So I went to the gym without a plan. Actually the plan was to do only some early morning, fasting cardio. But I got bored on the treadmill after only 15-20 min. and put together a short but effective Chest & Back workout. It really works if you use heavier weights or resistance. You can even put on a weighted vest for the bodyweight exercises. 

Just Another Chest & Back WO

This workout has four Parts. Each one has one Chest and one Back exercise. Perform #1 and #2 without rest.  Go through each Part 3 times. I used dumbbells for most of the exercises, except of course for Part 4. Select weights that are challenging and will feel like really heavy for the last 2-3 reps. 


Part #1:
I call it Reverse Push up...but I've seen many different names for this simple and effective exercise. It can be done with TRX, dip station, Equaliser, even a table. The easier version - flex the knees to 90-degrees angle, keeping your trunk parallel to the floor. If it still feels difficult, adjust the TRX higher. 
For the advance version, watch the video below. 

Part #2: 
For this part you can use Dumbbells or Bar...Whatever gets you.

Part #3: 
Seated Row - I did this exercise on the rowing machine, but if you don't have the access to one you can always modify.
Begin sitting on the floor, leaning back slightly with knees bent and feet on the ground. Hold the dumbbells out in front of your body with your arms straight and palms facing inward, so the dumbbells are at 90 degrees. Keeping the elbows in towards the body, bring dumbbells to your  chest level as you squeeze your elbows behind your back as far as possible. Return to starting position. Add a band for extra resistance.

Part #4: 
One-Arm Chest Cable Fly - The demonstration below is perfect, no need for me to add anything.

Again, you can modify by using a band instead of the cable machine. Select a band that's somewhat challenging and attach to any safe, solid object. It will be ideal if the band is attached at chest level, but even if it's lower nothing to worry.

One-Arm Reverse Fly - You can do the exercise with Dumbbells or on the Cable Machine. For  a more advance option, just bent over without using the bench. This will create an extra load on your core.

I followed this workout with Rope Skipping: 10 X 10/50.

And some good stretching :)))

Enjoy and let me know if you like this workout.


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