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Friday, February 28, 2014

Obsessed right now - Chanel Prestige's Cat Eye 18K Gold Sunglasses

Sorry I wasn't posting for a long time now, but I was busy moving houses, countries and re-arranging life. We are almost settled at the new place, so hopefully I'll be more consistent with my post. And trust me, I've so many new things to share. 

Although I was busy posting, I still found time for some quality shopping. You most probably already know my serious obsession with sunglasses. I never have enough...for real. 

I knew these Chanel-s belong to me the moment I saw them. I love the reflecting lenses for a while now. And the Cat Eye was an added value.

Chanel cat eye sunglasses yellow gold 18k. Stunning pair of Chanel sunglasses with a cat eye design and marvellous 18-karat yellow gold-infused lenses. The spectacular mirror effect is given by the precious metal which reflects perfectly the light on the lenses. It makes this pair of sunglasses magical and super luxurious as only Chanel can be.

But if you really want to know how gorgeous they are, you should feel how well they wear. They feel comfortable, light, yet luxurious and chic. Even if these 
Chanel Prestige's Cat Eye are not you fashion choice, it's an absolute must to try, if you come upon one. 

You can check another obsession of mine Dior Audacieuse Cat Eyes

I'm all for cat Eyes lately. What do you think?

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