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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Obsessed - New Dior Sunglasses

How do you know you are absolutely obsessed with something?

I was on a hunt for new sunglasses the other day. After a long, tiring shopping (I liked several pairs and couldn't decide which one to buy), I bought a pair of Dior shades. They were absolutely awesome, with a vintage Courrèges feel. 

Dior Eye 1

I was crazy about the Dior Eye 1 at the store, but once I went home I thought I like another pair better. So, how do you know you are absolutely obsessed....when I couldn't sleep all night, hoping that no one would buy them. In the morning I called the store to reserve the shades, but they didn't answer. So I dressed and went straight there. What a relieve my Dior Audacieuse Cat Eyes were still there waiting for me.  

Judge for yourself and let me know which ones you would rather have - Dior Eye1 or Dior Audacieuse Cat Eyes.

Mine are the ones at the top - middle.

Dior Audacieuse Metal Cat Eyes

My Dior Audacieuse Cat Eyes

Absolutely gorgeous and worth a sleepless night.

For some more gorgeous sunglasses check here.

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