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Monday, November 4, 2013

Obsessed - Hermès Eau De Pamplemousse

I love, love, love perfumes. And I believe Coco Chanel said it all...

Few years ago I was in Munich, Germany and of course I went to the Hermès flagship store. I'm collecting Hermès scarves and it's an absolute must to visit the Hermès stores whenever I travel. They were renovating the original Maximilianstrasse 22, and Hermès was housed at a much smaller place on one of the tiny side streets. That's what I loved about can always find some exclusive stuff, that you can't usually see at the big stores. I would have a certain scarf on my wish list and it would be sold out practically everywhere, and taaa-daaa I'll find it at a small shop, packed away, waiting for me. I love it. 

I love most Hermès perfumes, Jean-Claude Ellena (the "nose" of the company) responsible for many of my impulse purchases,  always finds the most exquisite ways to combine different scents and tones. So at the Munich store I found a new perfume at the time (I believe it was the summer of 2010) and bought a small sample just to try it. And as normally happens, I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately couldn't find it anywhere else. Guess what was my surprise when I went to the local Paris Gallery (a Dubai based makeup chain) yesterday and saw it there. And of course I bought it.

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Hermès

Eau de Pemplemousse Rose Hermès is not my usual fragrance. The perfume is one of the three in the Colognes Collection, inaugurated in 1979 with it's first cologne, later called "Eau d’orange verte". The collection is considered by many as the next level of refinement and authenticity. The other perfume from this collections is "Eau de Gentiane Blanche" - fresh and laundry-clean, soapy yet subtle.

Eau de Pemplemousse Rose Hermès captures instantly with it's grapefruit and citrus tones, heavier on the grapefruit peel (told you, not my usual scent). Quite strong on the grapefruit at the beginning, you might think it's actually too strong to wear especially for a summer perfume, but it gradually wears off and leaves a subtle green freshness. I've seen some calling it "zesty" freshness. The rose tones are very light, and almost unnoticeable. The slight spicy feeling left is my favorite.

Love from first sight, I was captured by it as soon as I sprayed on my skin. It will usually take few sniffs before I decide to by a perfume, but not with this one. Fresh and summery pleasant, just with light undertones of rose and oak-moss. That said, I will strongly advice you to try the Eau de Pemplemousse Rose Hermès on your skin before you buy. What I found from my personal experience is that the scent is stronger when tested on a paper. Besides, it stays different on each skin and lasts longer on some people, than others. What I really love, this is a unisex fragrance...I'm not a big fan of heavy florals and sticky sweet perfumes.

Try before you buy. And if you like it, let me know.

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