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Friday, November 1, 2013

Obsessed for a While Now - Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner

I'm always asked what kind of makeup I used on my profile pic and I wanted to share it for a while now, but never enough time. So here is the long overdue review of my all time favorite Benefit Cream Shadows.

The Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner (especially the R.S.V.P.) from Benefit is a product I can't live without. I have been using MAC Paint Pot at one point, but I never got to really like them. Mac shadows were somehow difficult to spread, mix and stayed flakey on my eyes. The product dried out very fast in the container. And how do you know a good cream eyeshadow... it should stay creamy and moist at its container for a long time. 

So I was always on a look for good Creaseless Cream Shadows, when I came upon the Benefit. Love from the first sight. They are advertised as: "Blendable, beautiful...this do-it-all shadow lines, shades, and contours your eyes with a lovely crease-proof, smudge-proof formula. Mix & match...layer on for the desired depth...go as sheer or as dramatic as you like with buildable color." When I bought my first one the packaging was different and the shades were not the same. It was a glass jar with black (base) and white (birds) cover.  The new packaging is in pastel colors with some shimmer accents. Both look exquisite. The texture is smooth and creamy, easily applied with a shadow brush.

I use the shade called R.S.V.P. on daily basis. It was so successful, that Benefit included this shade (plus 2 others) even in the new collection. I finished 3 jars already, that's the meaning of favorite.
How to apply: For sheer coverage I apply on the entire eyelid. I use it instead of eyeshadow primer. It really doesn't crease and stays put without smudging all the day. After the R.S.V.P. like to apply another neutral powder shade, just to set...not that it needs any setting. The creamy eyeshadow sets on the eyelid like a second skin.

Next I will apply a darker Benefit Creamy Shadow. On the photo above I used the one called "Skinny Jeans", a lighter shade of grey. For a more dramatic look I would use the shade called "Strut", still grey, but darker and deeper. Another darker shade I use is from the new collection, called "Bronze Have More Fun".
How to apply:With a pointed eyeliner brush, usually MAC 228 Pointed Liner Brush (for this look I use a medium one) I apply the shade as an eyeliner, very sheer at the inner corner and much thicker from outside. You can really use this Cream Shadow for everything. Next I use a shading brush to fill in with the same dark shade, approximately the 1/3 of the outer corner of the eye, in a V shape. Blend well with a blending brush, apply some mascara (Benefit has a gorgeous one "They're real") and your eyes are ready.

Don't forget to fix your eyebrows and add some gloss to the lips... Lip Gloss favorites coming very soon.

The picture is not making justice to exquisite beauty of the colors. They are much prettier in real. The only to really appreciate them is to just go and try.

This is a picture after 1h of very High Intensity workout (plus some other daily stuff).

 * R.S.V.P. Cream Shadow all over the eyelid for base
 * "Bronze Have More Fun" as eyeliner and shading
 * Mascara "They're real".

As you can see, there are no creases, smudges and fading. And I can assure you the make up will be still fresh at the end of the day.

Verdict: Every girl should have at least one (or two) shade. And if you didn't try cream eyeshadows yet, you should. If you tried any other cream shadows and left disappointed, than you should purchase the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner. Easy to apply, smooth and silky texture, all day wear - you don't really need any retouch through the day. Add to this the amazing pigmentation, a tiny amount is enough to cover the entire eyelid. The 4.5gr. will last you a very long time.

Ok...I can't stop with how much I love this product. I'm actually addicted and would like to get almost all the shades.

Buy Skinny Jeans
Buy Birthday Suit
Buy R.S.V.P.
Buy Holy Smokes
Buy Sigma E30

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