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Sunday, November 3, 2013

EZee Glam - Heidi Klum's 14th Annual Halloween Party

The long awaited 14th Annual Halloween Party organized by Heidi Klum. I was going to post this yesterday (so you can see it here first), but my Internet went down. Finally online and dying to share this with you.

A while ago I posted all the crazy and gorgeous costumes Heidi came up with, since the beginning of her Annual Halloween Extravaganza. You can check them out here. All unique and a piece of art, taking lots of planning and preparation. This year wasn't much different. In July she posted a picture of her face covered with plaster cast and a caption reading: "Started working on my Halloween costume". A costume that takes more than 4 months to be ready, deserves all the waiting. 

Heidi Klum (40) went to her 14th Annual Halloween Party sponsored by SVEDKA Vodka and Smartwater and held at Marquee New York, dressed as a senior citizen. I'm not joking. She was almost unrecognisable. Heidi makes the Chicest Grandma of all time. You should be so confident and comfortable in your own skin, to willingly dress and turn into double your age.

The first tweet on the day of preparations was:

And than the pics with bits and pieces from her costume.....varicose veins, wrinkled neck, hanging skin, spots.....After all the teasing pics, she finally appeared from her apartment as an old lady in a skirt suit costume, complete with pearls, printed top and a black cane. But the most impressive was her make up. Her body was covered with with ultra-realistic age spots and raised varicose veins running up her famously long legs. Her usually flawless face was covered with tons of wrinkles and hanging skin. Gone were her golden tresses, replaced by a stringy, white wig.

Here protruding, sprayed on varicose veins and flaky skin. They look so real.

The process.

The smile is still beautiful and everything else "aged" so well. Thanks to Oscar-winning makeup duo Bill Corso and Mike Marino, who applied sagging prosthetic skin and stained teeth to the gorgeous German model, the make up was  ultra-realistic. I absolutely love it, but somehow miss the trademark vampire fangs.

The process (taken from Heidi Klum's Instagram)

Once Granny was cleared she went all wild. 

And that's one cool Granny.

I absolutely love Heidi Klum in her super chic Granny costume. Art at it's best.

How about or hate?

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