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Saturday, November 2, 2013

EZee Fit - #WOD - Burpees + Core

After yesterday's workout (Insomnia, link here), I have muscle pain on almost all my upper body, except for the chests. This was achieved by increasing the intervals from 15sec. to 20sec. and the weights. I went heavier on almost all exercises, including the One Arm Alternate Swing. I would usually use 5kg (around 11lb.), but this time I got the 7.5kg KB (around 16.5Lb) and added 1kg to all of the others. And thinking about it, we always underestimate the Swings. When done low enough you will work your Glutes, and if you are at a sumo squat position, you will hit the Inner Thighs. For 20sec. interval, I would usually complete 8-10 reps of Swings at average. This will come to 50-60 reps for each set, and somewhere between 350-400 reps of squats for the total Insomnia workout. Ouch, of course my Butt and Inner Thighs will be in agony. I would have wanted to do some skipping in the end, but was pressed on time.

So my workout today was only cardio and core, my muscles need some rest for sure. The only equipment we will need is our bodyweight, Skipping rope and an UGI or a Medicine Ball.

This is one of my favorite Core Killing workouts and it's lots of fun. This workout comprises of 5 parts, each one is 10 X 10/30 (6:40min. long), if you find this setting hard, decrease the working intervals to 20sec. or 10 X 10/20 (5min long).

Set your Gymboss to 10 X 20/30. Each part has 2 exercises, except for part #5. You will repeat them until the intervals are over (5 times through for #1 to #4, and 2 times through for #5). Add 200 High Knee Skips between each part.

If you don't have the Gymboss Interval Timer (link for purchase at the bottom), you can use the free Online Tabata Interval Timer or the iPhone and Android Applications.


Part #1:
Ex.1 - It's our usual Burpee with PU with a side jump over any kind of obstacle. I use my SB to give a little height to my jump. If you feel this will be too much, just place your skipping rope or a towel and jump over to the over side.
Ex.2 - From Hand Plank (straight arms), touch the left toes with your right hand, followed by touching the right toes with the left hand. Repeat.

Part #2:
Ex.1 - Super Girl - From Hand Plank (straight arms), extend the opposite arm and leg, pause and repeat on the other side. I would like to add some very light weights to this exercise for an added work on my lower back, but you can go just bodyweight.

Part #3:
Ex.1 - Commando PU - When performing the PU, drop down until your chests touch the floor and lift the palms slightly off the floor. On the way up, pull one knee to the chests. Repeat with the opposite knee. I'm going to use for demonstration the video of my dear friend Michele. You can subscribe to her Youtube channel for some good workouts.

Ex.2 - Reptile Sprint - You might know this exercise as Knee to Shoulder, there are many other names. In my workouts it's called "Reptile". From Hand Plank (straight arms) bring the knee to the shoulder (on the same side, for ex. left to left). Repeat on the opposite side. Now give it some speed as in Mountain Climbers and here we go.

Part #4:
Ex.1 and Ex.2 - Side Burpee + Knee to Elbow + Tuck Jump - It's pretty self explanatory...Perform a BP to one side, hold and reach with the top knee to your elbow for a side crunch. Go back up and do a Knee Tuck Jump. For the second interval go to the opposite side.

Part #5 - 5 Exercises, 2 times through.
Ex.1 - Straight Crunch - Make sure you press the lower back to the floor, push the abs down, exhale on the way up and reach straight up with the UGI (or the Medicine Ball, if you are using any), inhale and lower.
Ex.2 - Bicycle Crunch - Supine (face up) position, one leg extended. Exhale, curl up and rotate the torso to the flexed knee. If you are using any resistance, let the Ball go behind the flexed knee. Very important here is not to let the head hang down, if you are not supporting. Keep the chin tucked in. Repeat on the opposite side.
Ex.3 - Reverse Crunch - I guess most you already know this one, used in many programs and trust me works miracles when performed correct. From supine position, arms on the floor by your side, palms down, knees 90-degrees flexed. Exhale, and slowly raise your hips off the mat pushing the feet towards the ceiling. Pause briefly, gently inhale and with control, lower your spine and hips back to the start position. Very important here is to be in control both in the Upward and Downward portion of the exercise, so the lower back is not subjected to an extra stress.
Ex.4 - Russian Twist with UGI (or Medicine Ball) - Sitting on the mat with feet off the floor, knees together, flexed at 90-degrees, holding the ball with both hands in front of you. Slowly twist your torso to the left and bring the ball behind the left knee, while the right leg extends. Repeat to the right. Hope it makes sense.
Ex.5 - Star ABS - I've a video demonstration here for you. But here is how it goes. Supine position, legs extended to both sides, arms extended to both sides as well. Exhale, lift and hug your knees. Inhale, lower down to the starting position. Pause briefly and repeat. Focus on your ABS, as they will keep the movement controlled and smooth.

Get some motivating tunes and enjoy. This workout is supposed to be lots of fun.

And please, let me know how you like it and if you have any suggestions. Don't forget to warm up, cool down and stretch. Although the workout looks easy, it might be very deceiving. Just keep your own intensity and set the intervals according to your own level and needs. 

Hope you like it.

Some music to put you in the mood. I love this for the skipping.


  1. You did it again another one that I really like and that was very nice from you that you attached the videos with it thank you very much!

    1. You are most welcome...I love posting new workouts, when my friends like them...Happy to be of help :)))

  2. i love your workouts, specially interval style, i live in bahrain, we are almost neighbors :)
    thank you for sharing

    1. I love Interval Training. It kicks mu butt most of the time :))) We used to go to Bahrain very often before. It's quite nice and growing very fast :)))

  3. Did this workout today in the morning,, it was Way more harder than it looks. Great workout, i really enjoyed it, Thank You

    1. It's deceiving...hehe. And it's just horrible if you do it on the day after shoulders workout. The planks accumulate very fast :)))


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