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Thursday, November 7, 2013

EZee Fit - 100s Hottest Legs

I did this workout the other day, but didn't have any time to post. Busy, busy, busy, during my short business trip. I'm glad I worked out in the morning, otherwise I would have missed it completely. It was very intense, simple moves, nothing complicated and straight to the point, but very effective. At the end my legs were seriously shaking. Second day after the workout and my legs are still sore.

This workout is only reps, no need for a Gymboss or any Interval Timer. You can go only bodyweight or add dumbbells as needed. I used a pair of 5kg (around 11Lb) for some of the exercises. And the UGI ball for the Crunch Twist in the end.

All the exercises are pretty self explanatory. If you are a serious fitness addict, you have done them at one point or another. And if you are not, I'm sure you know them. Please, if you need any help leave a comment in the box below and I'll come back to you. I would strongly recommend to add some weights for extra resistance and if it gets very difficult, drop them.


  • You can use the UGI or KB for the Sumo Squats and the Crunch Twists
  • It is an absolute must to use minimum 3-5kg for the Deadlifts and the Calf Raises
  • Curtsey Lunges - Performed as the Reverse Lunges, but you should step to the back-side instead of only back. 
  • Crunch and Twist - From Supine position (face up), holding the UGI in both your hands in front of the chests. Exhale, crunch and twist to the left until the UGI touches the floor, inhale lower back to the starting position. Repeat to the right.


If you complete the entire workout for 20min or less, repeat one more time. If it takes you longer, but you feel you can do some more, than:

  • 100 reps Parallel Squats
  • 50 reps Alternate Reverse Lunges
  • 30 reps Single Leg Deadlift (15 reps each side)
  • 10 Burpees with Knee Tuck Jump 


Don't forget to warm up before you start this or any workout. Keep the proper form when performing each exercise. You know your body better than anyone else, follow your specific intensity. Modify if needed and in no time you will be rocking the workout. Cool down and stretch once you are done.

I love this workout, you can start only bodyweight if you are a beginner and build from there. Add extra weights as you get stronger. Remove or lower the weights if you have a bad day.

Enjoy and let me know how much you liked the workout...or didn't.

Great for your workout playlist:

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