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Friday, October 11, 2013

EZee Fit - #WOD Lower Body Tabata Burn

Vacation for 10 days and my gym most probably will not be working. So I've to do a workout at home. One of these days when I feel like doing legs and something really challenging. 

This is one of my favorite Lower Body Workouts. It is comprised of #10 parts (you can remove the last one if you prefer to do only legs). Each part is in Tabata Protocol - 8 X 10/20 (total of 4min), so you will have a good 40mins work. Sometimes I would add 100-200 High Knee Rope Jumps in between each part, depends on time and my mood. You will need to get some heavy Dumbbells or a Sand Bag, a Medicine Ball or UGI (weighted ball) and a Swiss Ball.


Part #1:  Comprises of two (2) exercises. You have to alternate them until the Intervals are finished (total of 4 times each).
Part #2 and #3: Bulgarian Split Lunge is executed as the Static Lunge , but with the rare leg elevated on a platform. Keep in mind the standard guidelines for lunging still apply here. 

Parts #4 and #5: Your usual Deadlift, but each leg is done alone. I like incorporating single leg (arm) exercises, as they create balance on both sides of the body.

Part #6: I guess most are familiar with the Plié Squat. Wide squat with feet pointing outwards, go low to concentrate on the gluteus and inner thighs.

Part #7 and #8: Reverse Lunge followed by Side Lunge. I use the Sand Bag(SB) for this exercise and place it on the side I'm working on. Ex. - if I go Reverse Lunge - Side Lunge with the Left leg, I'll place the SB on my Left Shoulder. 

Part #9: Looks so easy, but very deceiving and one of my favorite. Supine (face up) position, feet extended on the Swiss ball, palms on the floor by your sides. Flex the knees and extend, keeping the feet on the ball. Burnssssss.......

Part #10: The Mighty Core - You should go through the sequence twice for the complete 8 intervals.
* Supine position, feet elevated, knees 90-degrees flexed, medicine ball in your hands. Crunch and place the ball on your legs, still keeping the tibia parallel to the floor (knees 90-degrees), crunch and pick up the ball back to your hands. Repeat until the interval is over;
* 8s Medicine Ball Pass - WOW tricky to explain. So, we are still in supine position, legs straight, off the floor, slightly open, shoulders off the floor. Holding the Medicine Ball, crunch up and pass the ball first under one leg and than under the other, as if you are drawing #8. Lower down and repeat. Change the direction on the second time around.Hope it makes sense;
* Alternate Spider Knees: From Straight Arms Plank position - Alternate Knee to Shoulder (L&R)
* Medicine Ball Pass Crunch - Starting position as in "8s Medicine Ball Pass", but legs are together. Pass the ball under the legs with each crunch. Change the direction on the second time around.

If you are still here and reading (long post, sorry), hope you like this workout. My legs are usually shaking in the end and dead on the next day. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the box below, I'll come back to you ASAP.




  1. I did this workout and I was shaking when I finished it and Im still so sore from my butt and legs Im in love with this workout thanks Romy:)

  2. Im still sore:) thanks Romy that was what I needed a kick in my butt!! love it!!!!

    1. Lower Body Tabata is one of my favorite...I promise it will get easy after.


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