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Monday, October 7, 2013

EZee Fit - #WOD - Insomnia (Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps)

I always come up with some cool, new workouts during nights of Insomnia. I wish my brain had an On/Off button, so I can just switch it off and fall asleep. Unfortunately I should find some other more realistic ways to make my sleep pattern better. And the load at work doesn't help much.

More than an year ago I did several of the 6 Weeks/ 6 Packs workouts. There was one in particular that I wholeheartedly hated (and still hate). This is the Alternate Dumbbell Swing which went for 20-25min (usually 40(50) X 15/15). If you know me well, you would guess right, this is way too boring for me. I had to spice it up with some extra moves. 

So here is what I came up with. During the 15sec of rest I will add an exercise with minimum transition and with heavier weights. The workout is only Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps, but if you go low on the swings you will get a fairly good load on your quads and butt. If you are using one Dumbbell for the swings, have the other one on an arm reach, so you will not waste time. If you are using the Sand Bag or Kattlebell (KB), have all the needed Dumbbells ready and set for the complete workout. Planning and preparation is the key here. 

I usually swing with 10-15lb. Dumbbell (or KB) and have the pair near me. Keep in mind that the weighted reps will not be high (15sec), so you might want to start with heavier weights and have the lower ones near in case you get tired. 

Make sure you warm-up well 5-7min. before you start. 

If you don't have the Gymboss Interval Timer (link for purchase at the bottom), you can use the free Online Tabata Interval Timer or the iPhone and Android Applications.

The workout will take total of 21min. and will be great if you are pressed on time. There are 2 ways to go around this workout:

  • Set your Gymboss for 42 X 15/15 (total of 21min)
  • Set your Gymboss for 6 X 15/15 (total of 3min) and restart after each segment is finished. This is an easier way to make sure you will complete exactly 6 rounds of each exercise. 
Note: The 360 Biceps Curl - Arms parallel, Palms facing in. Start with Hammer Curls up, Open the arms 45-degrees out and lower as in Biceps Curls (palms facing up). Imagine you are drawing a circle with the DBs. Hope it makes sense.

You can add ABS or some more targeted Shoulders, Biceps or Triceps exercises if you wish. Today I'll be adding more weights.

Enjoy and let me know if you like it!



  1. loved this workout, added 2 min of cardio in between sets and increased intervals 20/20

    1. Glad you liked it. 20/20 or even 30/30 will go very well.

      I love the HIITs and will be posting some more workouts :)))

  2. Wow just what I needed thanks Romy:)


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