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Friday, October 25, 2013

EZee Fit - #WOD Upper Body (Chest & Back) Tabata Burn

Hope you are more consistent with your workouts that I am. I had to miss my morning cardio yesterday, because of other engagement I couldn't avoid. Besides, not getting enough sleep affects all my day...With only max 4:30h of sleep, I was a walking Zombie during all the day. 

Today is Friday and weekend by us. I'm working out at home, the 3rd Part of the Tabata Series - Chest and Back Tabata Burn. As with the previous programs from the series, this one is comprised of #9 parts. Each part is in Tabata Protocol - 8 X 10/20 (total of 4min) with 10 Burpees with a Push-up in between. Try not to take longer than 1 minute rest after the Burpees with PU. Not many different equipments are required, you will need a good pair of heavy dumbbells and a Stability (Swiss) Ball. You might want to do some of the exercises (Chest Press or Bent-over Row for Ex.) with a Bar, it's perfectly fine. And again if you are into a "Beast Mode" add a Knee Tuck Jump to the Burpees with PU. Or why not an extra Pull-up.

Warm-up:  I'm sure you already know you should warm-up well before any workout. I've the perfect one for you here, that's if you have a pull up bar. In the spirit of the entire workout we can make a warm-up part (8 X 10/20) of "Pull and Push". It goes like this - 1 pull-up + 1 push-up - repeat for 20 sec, 8 rounds.   If you don't have the Pull-up Bar, than go with your usual warm-up.

Upper Body (Chest & Back) Tabata Burn


Part #1: From Elbow plank jump your feet out and in as in Jumping Jacks. Go to Straight Arms Plank and do one Push-up.

Part #4: Supine position with shoulders resting on the Stability Ball (or on the bench), back straight, knees flexed on 90-degrees, dumbbells in both your hands, palms facing front. Lower the Dumbbells all the way back behind your head, until the arms are aligned to your body, palms facing up. Draw a circle, by taking your arms around until they reach in front of your hips. It's very important to keep the palms turned up through all the motion, core strong and don't let the back arch. Once the dumbbells are in front of your hips, turn the palms down and repeat the movement. Change the direction of the circle on each interval.
Attention: Don't let the Dumbbells drop lower than your chest.

Part #5: Prone position with chest resting on the Stability Ball (or on the bench). This time we will draw the same circles, but working on the back. The arms are straight in front of you, aligned with your body (arms by your head). Keep the palms facing down, holding the dumbbells in both hands. Draw a circle back, till the arms are by your hips and back front. With this exercise you might consider a slightly lighter weights, it might get very difficult. Keeping the core in place will help tremendously.

Part #8: Perform 2 Push-ups followed by Cross-under opposite toe touch (left arm with right leg, followed by right arm with left leg).

Part #9: Each arm is done separately. Alternate the arms on every interval (total of 4 times each).

Hope you will enjoy this workout as much as I do. Let me know at the comments box below. I would love to hear your opinion and suggestions. If you need any modifications I can suggest a different exercise, but still working the same muscle.

And have lots of fun.

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  1. Romy for # 10 there's 4 exercise do we have to do them 2 x each for 10/20?

    1. Emily, you do each weighted exercise alone as Tabata, for ex. 8 X10/20 only Chest Press. Do the 10 Burpees and move to the next exercise as Tabata (Bent-over Row). After this 8 rounds, do 10 Burpees and so on...


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