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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

EZee Chic - Heidi Klum Halloween Party

Halloween is almost here, I hope you have your costumes ready. Except for my daughter we rarely do Halloween. But there is an event I'm always looking forward to and this year is not an exception. 

Heidi Klum: 'I’d Rather Stay Home Than Go Out in an Uninspired Halloween Costume' 

Heidi Klum's Halloween Party has been a celebrity tradition for years now. She throws an extravagant costume parade each year on the 31st October. This year's theme is already announced - "Scary Dollhouse". She always takes the Halloween ideas and goes an extra mile to turn them into one of the most exquisite parties of the year. The 14th Annual Halloween event will be held at Marquee New York, sponsored by SVEDKA Vodka and Smartwater. Music at the Halloween party will be provided by DJ Questlove, with the venue decorations coming via Shutterfly, according to the newspaper The New York Post. We can only wait in anticipation for this year's extravaganza, where guests are trying to outdo the hostess and some of the most creative costumes can be seen. 

Here is a look back in time at Heidi's most famous Halloween Costume Parties.

2012 - Better late than never. Heidi Klum's Annual Halloween Party was postponed to 1st December 2012 at Finale NYC, due to the Superstorm Sandy. Dressed like Cleopatra with jewel-encrusted face she posed on her Haunted Holiday (Christmas) Party benefiting  Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. 

2011Heidi Klum  was wheeled in to her 12th Annual Halloween Party (29th October, 2011) in Las Vegas, on an autopsy table by two blood-spattered doctors. And when they lifted the sheet, Klum's outfit could be seen in its entirety, with the intricacies of the costume clear to see. Project Runway host Klum decided to dress up as a dead body for the event. My absolute favorite. 

The same year (2011) Heidi Klum attended another Halloween Party, the last one (before their divorce) she will parade with her singer husband Seal. On the 31st October, 2011 at the PH-D Lounge,  Dream Hotel in NYC they were wearing matching apes costumes. 

2010 - Heidi Klum's 11th Annual Halloween bash was held at Lavo NYC, 31st October 2010. The unforgettable 8-feet-tall bright red and purple robotic superhero was designed by the Martin Izquierdo, known for creating the famous Victoria's Secret angel wings. Klum, an Alien Transformer was way taller than her husband Seal, gone wild Silver Super-Surfer. But together they were perfect. 

2009 - Heidi's 10th Annual Halloween bash was held in West Hollywood and the hostess and her husband showed off in matching black crow costumes. Aside from Perez Hilton dresses like Lady Gaga in a costume made at "The Haus of Gaga", my other absolute favorite at the costume party was Selita Ebanks dressed like sultry Red Devil. 

And here is Selita Ebanks @ Heidi's 10th Annual Halloween Party

2008 - The 9th Annual Heidi Klum Halloween party was presented by Absolut 100 @ 1 OAK on 31st October 2008, NYC. Although her Hindu Goddess of destruction, Kali costume struck controversy among the members of the religion, that was probably my favorite costume she has ever done. Bright colors, rich jewelled accessories - absolute Glamour. I believe Seal was dressed as a pirate from some dark corners of the sea. Both looked terrific. 

Seriously, how cool is this...And incredible details...

2007 - The 8th Heidi's Annual Halloween Party was at The Green Door bar on 31st October, 2007, Los Angeles, California. Heidi was dressed in a stretch Kitty cat velvet hand-painted costume, with whiskers, colored contact lenses and fang teeth. Not my favorite, but still a piece of art. 

2006 - The 7th Annual Halloween Party at Privilege on 31st October, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Heidi is eight months pregnant at this event and she cleverly takes advantage of the Forbidden fruit of Knowledge and the snake costume. This costume is really cool. And her husband, Seal was all dolled up as Eve with a leafy dress and  a blond wig. 

I love the details of Heidi's snake make up. 

2005 - Klum's Annual Halloween Party at Happy Valley on 31st October, 2005 in NYC. Much before the craze of the Twilight saga, Heidi is dressed up as a beautiful Vampire, with a heart beating outside her chest. These are some of my favorite pics of Heidi and Seal together. They are so cute together. 

2004 - Heidi attends her 5th Annual Halloween Party at Marquee on 31st October, 2004 in NYC. Her costume is of a flaming red witch, with a hanging skeleton on the back and a long red wig that covers her almost naked body. Seal is the Phantom of the Opera. Gorgeous...

2003 - And again one of my favorite costumes. Heidi's costume is a golden glory, a golden alien, gone gladiator that came from another planet. She even arrived at her party by UFO. 

The golden on Heidi's teeth is not a paint. It's a gold grill custom-made for her. And the make up is impeccable as always. 

2002 - Not many people can walk in Betty Boop's shoes, wear the perfect red dress and black curls. No one, but Heidi. She is absolutely gorgeous as Betty Boop, the cutest...

2001 - Heidi arrived at her Halloween Party as Lady Godiva on a real horse. Not surprisingly she carries the name "Queen of Halloween". Her costume was so shear that she looked almost naked, except for the strategically placed glitter patches and the floor-length blond wig. 

2000 - And here is where all this craze started. Heidi Klum attended her very first Halloween Party as a raven-haired beauty with pigtails in a black Goth Costume. 

Heidi Klum takes Halloween very seriously and this year is not an exception. In July she posted a picture of her face covered with plaster cast and a caption reading: "Started working on my Halloween costume". No matter what her costume will be this year I'm sure she is having lots of fun preparing her extravagant and over the top Halloween costume. 

Did you get yours?

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