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Monday, October 14, 2013

EZee Chic - Chicest Kids' Books

And just when you thought EZee Chic is only for Grown ups, I've some news for the chicest little girls. 

Last year my daughter came home with a question: "Mom, what does "High Maintenance" mean?". Ok now, where did she get this from? Her teacher was monitoring the books she borrows from the school library and came to this conclusion. Most of these books were from the series "Fancy Nancy" (or similar). If you haven't seen them, you don't know what you are missing, serious. They are an absolute must on every chic girl's bookshelf. 

"My favorite color is fuchsia. That's a fancy way  of saying purple." - Fancy Nancy

The Books: All the books were written by Jane O'Connor, a New York Times best selling author. Born, bread and still living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan she sets artfully most of Nancy's mysteries there. Illustrations for the books are incredible, tastefully done by Robin Preiss Glasser. Nancy is a little girl with a love for everything fancy. And in Nancy's world, fancy doesn't mean expensive and luxurious, but simply colorful, embellished, busy, chic and of coarse French. She lives with her family who are quite plain, that wouldn't even sprinkle their ice-cream, but she is planning to make them fancy. Because fancy is so much fun.

The main theme through the books is the unconditional love and support of the family. Although Nancy wants to make her family be fancy, she doesn't mind them just the way they are and there is no need to look for a fancy way to say: "I love you", except if it's in French of coarse!

The Girl: Nancy is dramatic, glamorous, excited little girl, that's always dressed to the nines. Most of the times depicted dancing, swirling, or jumping, her toes pointed like a real ballerina. She is a ball of fire with wild tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, colorful accessories. Her bright red hair is piled up on the top of her head with curls falling in all directions, and fuchsia ribbons, and colored feathers. She so much loves fancy, that always tries to use the fanciest words and teaches her little sister as well. She even redecorated her bedroom with paper flowers, Christmas lights, feather boas and all kinds of sequins. Check out her doll's name - Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier. Looool, who would come up with such a name! Only someone genuinely creative, enterprising and free spirited. Nancy loves glitz and glamour, she is never demure and most probably never quite for a long. 

I guess you are already asking, why should any little girl read such books? Don't we already see artificial and unrealistic advertised beauty standards all over? 

"Fancy Nancy" is a wonderful choice for young girls. Although she is always fancy, it's never a matter of how beautiful she, her sister or her friends are. Her fashion is not expensive or luxurious, it's more like "homemade", put together with taste. When she explains to her little sister how a Princess should be, she never said a Princess should be beautiful, but a Princess should keep always her crown on. If you came upon any of the books, you most probably noticed that Nancy is not the today's glorified stick thin girl. She is illustrated with her prominently protruding tummy, as any other girl her age. Nancy doesn't focus on the things she doesn't like about herself, but more on how much fun is to be fancy and she can't wait to share it with her friends and family. The message here is - fanciness (not beauty) can be achieved by anyone, no matter size, age or status. Besides, it's much more fun. And in the end the unconditional love of the family, "Because there isn't a fancy - or better - way to say I Love You!"

Educational: The "Fancy Nancy" books come in different levels from Level 1 (Beginning Reading) through Level 4 (Advanced Reader). On the beautifully illustrated pages, most of them with embellishments and different textures, the reader can find an fascinating collection of "fancy" words. Some of them are fancier than others. The author (and Nancy) makes sure all the new, exciting words are well explained in writing and pictures. I'm sure even the parents will enjoy learning some. As the author of the books, Jane O'Conner  puts it: "It's a vocabulary enchantment - the fancy way to describe it." There are many synonyms presented, while describing the new, fancy words. It's a great way to introduce the young readers to a new vocabulary.

Plus some good lessons on how to preserve the nature!!!
  1. Less than a mile? Then bike in style.
  2. Please take a note. Always bring a tote (when shopping).
  3. In cold weather, keep the room temperature low. It's better to wear a sweater.
  4. Don't waste water. Get clean, but stay green!

We enjoy all these books immensely (a fancy word for "greatly" or "a lot").
Here are some of our favorites. 


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