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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coffee, Breakfast and a Lousy New Juicer

Good Morning! It's Saturday and my favorite day of the week.
I love my weekends, I can sleep more, have breakfast in bed and snuggle with my daughter, while watching or reading something.

When I've to go to work, I would most probably skip my breakfast or have it on the go. I would usually blend my Green Smoothie Breakfast or grab my home made Protein Power Balls, boiled eggs or chicken (turkey) muffins. Blending is pretty fast, as I've already washed, portioned and placed in the freezer the main ingredients. 5min. in and out the kitchen and off to the office.

But in the weekend is a whole different Green story. Breakfast is freshly pressed Green Juice and of coarse Coffee.

I ordered a new juicer, supposedly "the only one you will ever need" to replace my old and overly used Philips Juicer. I actually liked my loyal Philips Juicer, but it was getting old and I needed a replacement. The only thing I didn't like was how it was extracting greens. And I wanted a juicer that can bring the best out of the greens.

After an intensive research, I ordered Omega VRT350. I had to wait for a long time to be delivered (to KSA) as I wanted it 220V and the only place to order was Amazon in UK. I was very excited to open and try my new Omega VRT350. Honestly I was a bit disappointed. It didn't handle greens as well as advertised and the pulp eject port is so small that gets clogged in no time. I practically have to press the "reverse" button all the time. I've tried several loading strategies and still not satisfied. And with celery is plainly awful. No matter how small I cut them, I have to stop the machine, unclog and put on again. And it leaves me with a sea of foam. My old, dear juicer was giving a perfectly smooth juice, that even my picky daughter will enjoy drinking. With the Omega, even when the pulp is extruding properly the juice is very pulpy and it have to be strained. Straining is a messy process and you lose lots of juice in that pulpy foam. Trying to make a healthy Green drink with this machine is absolutely ridiculous even if you get the fine screen, which doesn't come with the machine as advertised. If I wanted a smoothie, I would use my highly trusted Blendtec. The juice is coming almost as puree so I have to blend with some fruits or Protein Powder.

One of the reasons I bought this model was the easy cleaning advertised. I usually wash the machine straight away and nothing dries and sticks on. The screen was very easy to clean with the brush supplied, no rubbing required. Now, there were so many parts to wash, but all were very easy to just rinse. The difficult task was to assemble them. They are not High Duty at all, made of plastic and I was afraid if I push even a bit they will break. Took me a while to put the juicer together, because the parts are very difficult to fit together. My mom (a Philips Juicer devotee) refused even to use it, she is still convinced that it will break like a toy.

It was a total rip off, as it doesn't come cheap at $380. If you are looking for a good quality juicer, that's not it. Misleading advertising, and a very poor performance. I for one like my juice smooth and silky.

If you know of a good juicer, that extracts Greens well, please share.


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