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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obsessed Right Now #2 - HudaBeauty Eyelashes

You can't go to Dubai and not get some shopping. Although you can't compare to the shopping in New York, London and Paris, it is an experience like no other. Dubai boasts several big shopping centers and atmospheric bazaars and it's still the region's top shopping destination. Aside from the impressive Shopping Malls, you should absolutely go to one of the local souks - the Gold Souk, the Spice Souk or the Textile Souk. 

Whenever I go shopping in Dubai, I always have a plan and a Wish List. I know exactly where I want to go and what I'm looking for. Otherwise I can easily get distracted, by so many temptations. Dubai Mall is not only a landmark of the city by itself, but the home of the Dubai Shopping Festival and more than 1,200 stores. Ranging from High end brands to Street Fashion to Local stores. 

And of coarse it's the only place I can find my "Can't Live Without" make up tool...I guess by now you are thinking what this might be. The only place in the world where I can find Huda Beauty False Eyelashes is Sephora, Dubai Mall. I've been hearing a lot about these particular eyelashes and was curious how good they really are. On my last trip to Dubai I made the time to visit Sephora and get them. 

I don't know how many of you are using False Eyelashes, but whenever I've an occasion that requires a special and more dramatic make-up, I certainly do. My lashes are quite ok and a good mascara (Chanel Inimitable Intense or Diorshow Iconic) will  usually do for my every day make-up. Up till now I was using the Shu Uemura and MAC (easier to find) false lashes. 

I was blown away as soon as I approached the Huda Beauty stand at Sephora. The sales girl was wearing a pair and her eyes looked so huge and pretty (she was a very pretty girl to start with). And contrary to what you might think, they were not tacky at all. I bought #1 Giselle and #4 Coco Jo. I love the packaging, a metallic silver box with a pic of the beautiful eyes of Huda, wearing the eyelashes corresponding to the box. So if you want to check how the lashes will look on you, simply place the box in front of your eyes. And Voilā, here you are. Love it...

Opening Event at Sephora, Dubai Mall

I love the presentation of the entire collection of eyelashes. 

And here are my two choices. I wanted something more natural, like every day wear (#1 Giselle) and the dramatic, evening set (#4 Coco Jo).

The only disadvantage
The lashes come without an adhesive glue. I had to buy it from another store. My favorite and trusted is Duo Adhesive. It comes in clear and black. 

My Verdict: 
If you get a hold of HudaBeauty Eyelashes you should absolutely try them. Check for the perfect thickness and length for you. Most of the lashes come usually too long, so ensure you cut them to fit and always from the outside. If you need additional instructions, leave a comment and I will come back to you. 

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