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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

EZee Glam - Lipstick to Stay Application Tutorial

Those that live in the Middle East and the Gulf for sure know who is Bassam Fattouh. For those that don't, he is one of the most prominent, makeup artist at these parts of the world. With high profile clients and creative make up adds few can compete with him. 

A while ago he started the Cosmetic Line carrying his name - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics. 
Here is a Lipstick Application Tutorial for long lasting color.The products used are from the BFC collection. You can find it only in the Middle East and the Gulf so far (Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia), but I'm sure most of the reputable makeup stores will carry this brand very soon.

Here we go:

1) Using the BF 26 Foundation Brush gently sweep a light amount of foundation across your lips.

2) With a BF 30 Fluff Brush lightly dab BFC Loose Fix Powder over your lips.

3) Holding your sharpened BFC Lip Liner in an angled position to ensure both soft and smooth application, begin by drawing a thin line on the top curved-centre of your lips and bottom centre of your lower lips. Next, begin outlining your entire natural lip line. Only after you have traced the actual perimeters of your lips should you begin drawing on outside of your lips.

4) Next completely fill-in your entire lips with Lip Liner.

5) Use the BF 16 Lip Brush to blend the Lip Liner on your lips, focusing mainly on the outside edges, the trick is to blend in the liner with the color inside.

6) Buff the lips to allow for any excess product to come off and allow for color to set.

7) Apply BFC Lip Tint all over your lips and tap smoothly as your go along for even application. 

8 ) Next, apply the BFC Broadway Lipstick.

9) With a BF 14 Concealer Brush apply a small amount of BFC Concealer to the inner edges of your lower lips to create a fuller illusion and erase imperfections.

10) Finally trace a drop of BFC Backlighting with a BF 14 brush to the upper edge of your lips to create the illusion of more pouty protruding lips.

I'm not a big fan of those bright lips, a good lip butter gloss is more than enough for daily use. But I can always try it for some special occasions. And if you can't find the BFC products, there are lots of other brands that can give you the same effect. 



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