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Monday, September 9, 2013

Ezee Geek - Sony QX10 and QX100 Lens Cameras

I was introduced yesterday to that fabulous Sony Product - Sony QX10 and QX100 lens camera. I've noticed it on a Cool Stuff page already, but it was much different to get the information from a real expert in Sony technologies. 

Already Sony took the market by storm with their Sony Xperia phones, the best the Android family has to offer in a Smartphone. If you didn't check it already, you should def do.

So going back to the Sony QX10 and Sony QX100 Lens Cameras.
All Smartphones have cameras, but they are mostly garbage compared to the dedicated cameras. The cameras on Smartphones have tiny image sensor and low quality glass, which results in an acceptable quality picture, but nothing impressive. 

The QX10 and QX100 system is much more than just a lens. It has an image sensor, that allows for much higher quality photographs. How it just clip it on to your Smartphone and it will communicate wirelessly. They will come in black and silver with a microSD and Memory Stick slot, tripod mounts and an optional Smartphone clips. Your Smartphone will link via NFC and WiFi and will essentially act as a screen, shutter trigger, back up storage and social-media sharing tool. And they are quite small and portable, unlike several other competitors.

The conventional Shoot cameras still sell in large numbers, because they hit a sweet spot of portability and quality, but they lack communication. And if you use you Smartphone alone as a camera, they still have to be connected to a computer...kind of a hustle. 

With Sony's new system, users have the ability to take high quality pictures and than share them through their Smartphones. It's the best from both worlds. The QX10 and QX100 lens cameras can be used both with Android and iOS phones. 

I'm not a Tech Geek, so please if you have any information feel free to share :)))
But I'm def trying this fabulous product! 

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