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Saturday, September 14, 2013

EZee Fashion - Ralph Rucci S/S 2014

For those who know me, you would be aware that I absolutely love Ralph Rucci. Who would guess that the master of technique would show up 64 looks (the usual these days is around 30), perfectly cut in a way that only Ralph Rucci can make a T-shirt look chic and dressy.

This S/S 2014 collection was addressed to the younger audience. Even his show was reflecting the evolution of the process. The models were strolling down the runway on much faster sounds than the usual, sometimes painfully slow ones. New fresh look, from light sportswear cuts lean to the body, to his chic minimalist palette of black, white and nude. 

The most memorable of all in this  collection were the "aprons" wrapped around the waist, over dresses and pants. There pieces were executed with the slick sophistication and elegance customary to Rucci's technique. It was even more remarkable, considering the materials were python, gazar, organza - the fine couture materials, but used in the collection in a casual and confident way.

And for the evening, the dresses were glamorous with the usual precision to details. Sequinned cocktail dresses and a black beaded gown that close the show.

My favorite :))) 

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