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Friday, September 13, 2013

EZee Fashion - Rachel Zoe S/S 2014

Love it or hate it.
I my case, I love each single piece from Rachel Zoe S/S 2014 collection. One thing that can always be said about Rachel Zoe, no matter where the current season takes her, she always stays true to presenting her true aesthetics.

With few exceptions, the collection was predominantly monochromatic - white, creamy green or all black. Influenced by YSL, we could see the ever famous Saharienne Jacket in numerous different variations. Although the collection was predominantly Safari themed, it felt more like a little bit of this a little bit of that.

Safari Themed

Monochromatic Looks

I'm not big on denim and especially the cutoffs, but as Rachel Zoe said backstage: "I asked myself, what the are the girls in my life wearing?", sooooo judge for yourself. 

Now here are my favorite looks. I'm actually obsessed with the last one :)))

P.S. And the rest.....

You can check the complete Rachel Zoe S/S 2014 Collection here.
Let me know what do you think :)))


  1. So lovely :-D My favorite is the cream shirt dress with leather epaulettes (I already have sandals exactly like that, so obviously I need the dress!) ^_^ Thank you for the article!

    1. Most welcome:))) Glad you like it. I can totally wear the metallic top and pants, so casual and yet so chic. Oh and absolutely obsessed with the last look :)) RZ was wearing it on the show as well :)))


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